The Worst of <em>Jaal</em>

Or The Dirty Dozen

We've spent a year spewing trash....and now the time has come to do the dirty deed, sift through the mess and select the items that really stink....

So, here goes...

Vishva Bandhu Gupta peels layer upon layer off the Onion Republic.

Is it a political disaster or a natural calamity? Just Vajpayee's birthday on a foggy day, muses Rajinder Nath.

I'm not going trekking in the Himalayas with Yashwant Sinha, 'coz he hangs out with dolts, carps Paranjoy Guha Thakurta.

Shankar Raghuraman examines Yashwant Sinha fudging the numbers game and showing his `ration card'.

Does Rabri give the Bharatiya Janata Party indigestion. Binoo K John finds out.

``Sour Grapes" gripes Gulu Ezekiel, stocking the cheese and crackers while lambasting the lucky bastards who get to go to the World Cup.

Vaapis aao, Britannia khao, says V Sudarshan. Yeh dil mange more from our cricket zeros, sorry, heros.

Omar Abdullah reveals the truth about politicians, with a little help from Dr Jonathan Swift and Jaal.

Max Martin proposes downsizing the temples of modern India; for the gods of small things.

Two votes or not to vote. Kajal Basu ponders his split electoral personality.

The original transcript of Musharraf's address: Complete and Unabridged. Or, the bits that actually make sense.

Gaynesh? Exposing the homosutra. Or saying Hey Ram on October 2.

[ First published: December 15, 1999   Last updated: March 30, 2011 ]

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Faaltu Fatta

Laloo becomes a model

After having resigned as the CM of Bihar, Laloo decides to go modelling.
Once he enters the herd of buffaloes and resting his elbow on the back of the
cattle he poses for a photograph. Next day the photo appears on the front page
of a newspaper.
"Laloo, third from left!"

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