Faaltu Fatta

Laloo becomes a model

After having resigned as the CM of Bihar, Laloo decides to go modelling.
Once he enters the herd of buffaloes and resting his elbow on the back of the
cattle he poses for a photograph. Next day the photo appears on the front page
of a newspaper.
"Laloo, third from left!"

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Hate Mail

Dear Jaal,
Pakistan's Gen. Musharraf has expressed a desire to meet Vajpayee because he is "the person who is in charge and who is going to decide". He had in mind my writing that the American President only needed to meet the undersigned, not Vajpayee, regarding his South Asian concerns and showing that India's direction is set by the undersigned, not Vajpayee. Vajpayee is in no position to 'decide', for example, India's direction (industrial or agrarian) except by 'negating' my policy prescriptions--doing the opposite of what I prescribe, for example regarding the drought. But he cannot behave in such a 'contrary' way without losing 'power' and credibility and being ousted. That is why he returns to obeying me after repeated bouts of negativism after I point out I am India's leader. This is the reason I wrote that what "Vajpayee says will have no bearing on what India will do nor any agreements the Americans may make with him". Vajpayee has questioned the legitimacy of Gen. Musharraf's government and got it excluded from the Commonwealth & NAM but the above shows that Vajpayee's own government is illegitimate, as I have repeatedly shown and that he should resign. Only the undersigned can be India's legitimate ruler.

Satish Chandra

Jaal: We hope that this is a crank mail. If, however, it isn't, Mr Chandra fits the perfect Jaal reader profile - completely loony.
- Editor

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